About us

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not creating or crafting something. I come from a family of creators, crafters, artists, or overall creatives. The drive to create runs deep in my veins from both sides. From my grandfather, who was taught by his father, to learn the woodworking craft. To my mother, who draws the realistic animal portraits. I learned from a young age how important the arts, experimenting, and creating things can be.

Sickels Moon Handmade is my creative outlet in which the jewelry designs, home decor, art, or collaborations with other friends or family are showcased.  I am fortunate enough to collaborate with my grandfather on some of wood crafts in the shop. Color and sparkles run wild in my colorful, bold creations. I aim to create unique, beautiful pieces that are otherworldly.

If I am not working on my arts and crafts I can be found with my husband and our three dachshunds, or as I call them our ween dream team, playing video games, hiking, traveling, cooking, or working my graphic/web design nine to five gig.