Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website. This has been such a long journey to this point and I must thank everyone who has help support this dream along the way. I have been working on this goal for what feels like years, but finally here it is!

I hoped to have this site up a few weeks, err scratch that months ago. But adulting is hard, life happens, and things take longer at times than you would like. I was so glad to meet many at my first craft show in early May and hope to meet many more of you at my future events as well.

My creations are colorful, sparkly, whimsical, motivational, and my own. I hope you find something that makes you smile, enjoy this moment in life, maybe strike a creative bone in your body and inspire you to create, or even something you might want to buy.  Everything on this website is made with love and one of a kind!

Thank you for all your support and stay tuned. Over the next few weeks, months, years, I hope to be adding more of my collection here as well as keeping everyone informed of events where you can find me.  I hope to find some local boutiques as well to be a home to my goods (hint hint).

Much love and magic,